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Rogues by Desert_Rose14

Rated: F18 • 0 Reviews

Leslie Turner, the enigmatic director of the Stitchers program, and developer of the Stitchers technology, discovers a serious threat to the program—a program he has already shown he will kill to protect. What begins as a dismissal from the agency, and the abrupt termination of his program, turns into a federal investigation. A theory from a close and trusted colleague takes him halfway across the country in search of the person responsible for sabotaging his career and the theft of the Stitchers technology.

Although Les will stop at nothing to regain possession of the technology that was stolen from him, he is not prepared for the personal and emotional costs, as the past comes back to haunt him in a way he never expected.  

Truth Beneath Lies by Desert_Rose14

Rated: F18 • 3 Reviews

This story is based on the events that occur in season five of Covert Affairs. There are some similarities with the events that occurred on the show that happen in this story, however, I've made several changes to them, altering them to the way I interpreted the events of season five. Following the events of the fifth season, is what I would've liked to have seen happen on the show, had there been a sixth season.

Another Life to Lose by Desert_Rose14

Rated: F18 • 0 Reviews

This is a story/chapter based on Annie and Eyal's friendship on Covert Affairs.

The characters of Annie Walker, Eyal Lavin, and Auggie Anderson are the property of USA Network/their creators. All other characters in this story are the copyright of the author.

Blood Moon Rising by Suzettemonpetite

Rated: F18 • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

This is the sequel to Lost in Paradise, a story based on The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.

Balance of Terror by Eirian

Rated: FA • 0 Reviews
Summary: Four years after his desperate fight with Darwin al-Sayeed; four years of grief after the death of his beloved Samia, Faris al-Farik resurfaces having finally found healing in a shadowy secret that has been kept from him through those long years - ready to begin again - ready to start over - ready to remind the world of his devotion to his cause.

Cross Fates at Crossroads - The Gathering by warlord

Rated: F18 • 0 Reviews

Three brothers sharing the same appearance, the same birthday, the same mother, the same reason why they are all cursed. What they do not share is who their father is, even though their faces are exactly the same, in every curve, every detail, as Stefan’s, a gypsy prince of the Montenegro clan, whose tragic end was full of deceit and treachery. Two curses are over the three brothers, because of their mother‘s crime. One curse was cast by Magenta, Stefan’s mother, and has to do with their appearance. The other curse was cast by Trinity, Stefan’s wife, and has to do with their hearts. One brother should not be loved by any woman he would fall in love with. Another brother should be loved by all women, but he would not be able to feel love in return and the last one should love and be loved in return, but all odds would be against them, making it an impossible love.

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