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The following story have been updated:

Eyal Lavin Stories:

by Ariane @ 03/01/2015 17:30:33  


Eyal Lavin Stories:

by Ariane @ 02/22/2015 16:04:35  

Site Open For Reading Without Registering + Update

It's no longer necessary to register in order to read the stories here. However, because of spammers, reviewing (and of course, posting stories) is possible only for registered and logged-in members.

Eyal Lavin Stories:

by Ariane @ 01/25/2015 09:31:43  

Site Maintenance

I changed the theme here to a more modern, responsive one. Browsing the fanfic site should now be a more pleasant experience on mobile phones.

by Ariane @ 01/11/2015 14:11:19  


The following story has been updated:

Eyal Lavin Stories:

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